About Special Ed Works

Special Ed Works is a comprehensive database system designed to manage the needs and services of special education students. A highly reliable and secure system, Special Ed Works holds all of your data within the same program – you can always pick up where you left off no matter what the day brings. Our database will help you collect data and provide summarized daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports. Special Ed Works keeps focus on the student while creating a better experience for everyone else involved in their day.


Special Ed Works was designed with auditing in mind. Whether you need to audit for the state, the district, School Attendance Review Board, or internally, our system will ensure that this necessary procedure will never be a hassle. Important features such as IEP countdowns, therapy and classroom attendance tracking, and role-based notes will keep business running smoothly. Billing is directly connected to every appropriate module – you will never miss another invoice.


We understand that every aspect of your business deserves the same amount of care and attention, and we’ve designed Special Ed Works accordingly. Reports are created for vital areas such as attendance, behavior tracking, and therapy services. As a supervisor, you need to have easy access to all information – reduce the likelihood of deficits with our system for enhanced accountability.

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Special Ed Works is a comprehensive, fully integrated database. Our program identifies data and automatically distributes it to the reports that you need. All information that you input is accessible across domains depending on the roles designated by supervisors. Your vendors will thank you for consistent invoicing with shorter waiting periods! Special Ed Works’ user friendly interface also makes for seamless transitions when training new employees.


Student Maintenance

At the core of Special Ed Works, our Student Maintenance module houses any and all information about every student in clear and concise format

Behavior Management

Our Behavior Management module will allow for daily tracking throughout an individual student’s day that will chart both maladaptive and replacement behavior.

IEP Management

Special Ed Works utilizes a specialized IEP Management module that was created specifically for the needs of private and nonpublic schools, school districts, and therapy clinics

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The Billing module of Special Ed Works streamlines your workflow throughout departments to ensure accuracy and consistency.


The Attendance module within Special Ed Works will create a seamless system of tracking student attendance for your program.

“Special Ed Works has given our school a whole new level of accountability and organization of our therapy services, as well as capturing the revenue for each session provided.  It is user friendly and allows me, as a supervisor, to oversee daily documentation completion and billing efficiently. Special Ed Works has also made preparation for State Audits seamless!”
Nima Naran, Occupational Therapist

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