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Student Maintenance

At the core of Special Ed Works, our Student Maintenance module houses any and all information about every student in clear and concise format. Here you will maintain important data including student demographics, services, education, medical records, contact information, billing addresses, and medication. This user-friendly module also utilizes a dedicated note section for student-specific details that will keep all parties up to date. A dedicated IEP tab grants you the ability to track student services and predict upcoming meetings from the same screen. Special Ed Works’ Student Maintenance center also generates class lists and automatically promotes students to the next assigned grade.


The Attendance module within Special Ed Works will create a seamless system of tracking student attendance for your program. We’ve streamlined our module to send data from the classroom to your attendance clerk to billing without missing a beat. Our module allows for morning and afternoon attendance to capture students who arrive late or leave early, vital for SARB audits. If your program provides transportation, Special Ed Works will also generate daily transportation logs and validate attendance appropriately. Trackable attendance notes identify whoever creates an entry. At end of month, Special Ed Works will automatically generate standardized attendance billing for each vendor.


The Billing module of Special Ed Works streamlines your workflow throughout departments to ensure accuracy and consistency. Our integrated system automatically creates invoices for services such as therapy sessions, monthly attendance, and other important aspects of your business to ensure that you never lose money or time. Invoices can also be grouped with additional records that you may need. Our Billing module calculates charges for you and allows you to review before printing. Additionally, Special Ed Works provides a flexible, customizable Billing module for your invoices. We know that all vendors, clients, and districts operate differently – once you configure a client’s settings, you’ll never have to touch it again.

Behavior Management

Our Behavior Management module will allow for daily tracking throughout an individual student’s day that will chart both maladaptive and replacement behavior. You can also track each student’s reward and reinforcement systems accordingly, allowing students to be proactive and participate in behavioral changes. Time markers allow users to indicate significant events and how it may impact child behavior. Our Behavior Management module will automatically integrate behavioral notes into a student’s individual report. Reports are fully customizable with options including daily, weekly, and annual timelines. You can also create graphs and markers with specific details that are easier for parents to understand. Special Ed Works will finally provide you with a user-friendly, yet individualized and comprehensive Behavior Management system.

IEP Management

Special Ed Works utilizes a specialized IEP Management module that was created specifically for the needs of private/nonpublic schools, school districts, and therapy clinics. This means that our module includes everything you need to keep your program running smoothly. Our Therapy History component tracks frequency, and number of sessions through the IEP calendar year. Our Scheduler details each student’s past, current, and future scheduled, attended, or cancelled sessions, as well as the date, duration, and name of the therapist providing treatment. The Note Report component allows date-specific notes to be viewed and edited per role-based access, which can be immensely useful for district and state audits. Documentation can also be e-mailed to parents and guardians right from Special Ed Works.